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Thermal Folding Delivery Bag Medium
  • Thermal Folding Delivery Bag Medium

Thermal Foldable Delivery Bag Medium

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Reliable and durable products are the backbone of any successful delivery operation. Make sure your food gets there at the right temperature. The Delivery GoBags are constructed to keep food safe, hot and fresh during transport. 



From the moment that the food has been prepared to the moment it reaches a customer's front door; every second counts. Speed is essential, but keeping the food fresh and out of the danger zone is necessary for each successful delivery, take-away or pick-up task.

The GoBags' high-quality insulation keeps the temperature in the safe zone during the storing and transport to the customer, regardless if it's picked up or delivered at the door.


  • Measurements: 535x355x430mm (lxwxh)
  • Thick, sturdy, nylon fabric, can be folded flat when not in use.
  • The vinyl interior is easy to clean.
  • Insulation with high density keeps the food warm or cold.
  • Strong, sewn-in straps and ticket pocket.
  • Available in Black (110)
  • Breathing material keeps moisture and odors contained. 

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