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Pizza bag 40x40x12 cm
  • Pizza bag 40x40x12 cm
  • Pizza bag 40x40x12 cm
  • Pizza bag 40x40x12 cm
  • Pizza bag 40x40x12 cm

Pizza delivery bag 40x40x12 cm

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Perfect insulating pizza bag with an inner size of 40x40x12 cm, Sturdy bag which doesn't collapse with handy carrying straps. Weatherproof.



The pizza delivery bag is made of a durable black vinyl plastic material. This robust material with an antislip surface remains well in shape, even with high temperatures or in the rain. The stable materialconstruction with extra foam insulation ensures the bag remains pretty in condition and the pizza boxes remain flat without sliding. The hot steam (which irrevocably leads to moisture) can easily get away; the 'eyes' on the side of the bag amplify this effect.

The delivery bag is easy to clean on the in- and outside with a moist cloth and remains usable for long in clean condition. It has a carrying handle in the center which keeps the bag in balance, and allows you to pick it up easy and quickly. All models are fitted with a transparent side pocket on the outside for order forms. Flat models for 3-4 pizzas have a flap with a practical Velcro strap. The rims at the front of the higher models for 5-6 pizzas are also safely sealed with two zippers.

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