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Hot pack 1/1 GN voor thermobox
  • Hot pack 1/1 GN voor thermobox

Hot pack 1/1 GN

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A Hot pack suitable for 1/1 GN format Thermo Catering Boxes.

  • Measurements: 530x325x30 mm
  • Can be heated up to 70°C
  • To heat the element up, place it in a stainless steel container and insert that in a convection oven, max. 70°C for max. 40 minutes.
  • Note: NOT suitable for use in a microwave!
  • Do not bring the element in direct contact with flame, grill or other direct heat source due to risk of melting. 


The heating element emits a high temperature for a long period of time due to melting the caloric powder contained by the red polyethelene. Meant for transporting hot food and to heat up an insulated container.

This element is meant for use in the food industry to keep food warm during transport. Use it in combination with an insulated container for maximum efficiency. Do NOT use the element in combination with boxes made of styrofoam (EPS).

Read the instructions carefully before use.
The heating element must be heated up every time before use. The high temperatures generated during use can cause burns. Check the element for damages or leaking before use. Keep the hot pack out of the reach of children. Do NOT use the element when damaged! Wear specific ovenmitts, protect your face and wear protection at the front side of your body. Always carry the element vertically with the side connected and with the closing lid facing forward. Keep the element as far away from eyes and body as possible. The element becomes sensitive to shocks when heated so handle it with care!

The element is easy to clean with a detergent and warm water. It can be placed in a dishwasher when the program is below 85°C for max. 15 minutes.

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