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Rieber Thermoport 1000KB-A (analoog)
  • Rieber Thermoport 1000KB-A (analoog)
  • Rieber Thermoport 1000KB-A (analoog)
  • Rieber Thermoport 1000KB-A (analoog)

Thermoport 6000KB-A Analog heated Black


Frontloader with heating element for gastronorm pan combinations up to maximum 4 x 1/1, 200 mm deep. It's made of plastic and is double-walled and tightly welded. Maximum volume is 104 liters. It has an analog control for heating with a preset temperature of 85°C. Sturdy design which makes this catering box last for years.

Outer Dimensions: 644 x 779 x 562 mm



The stackable frontloader with a self-controlling convection heating which has a preset temperature (85°C). It is used to safely transport food and keep it warm. The control of the temperature is analog, so this cannot be set to other values compared to a digital system. Upon heating, the temperature will simply go to its preset value of 85°C.

The 6000KB-A from Rieber has 12 pairs of guide rails 2/1 GN for inserting gastronorm pans or presentation dishes (maximum 2/1 GN). This thermoport is fitted with a door with heating element on its front. On both sides are foldable carrying handles. The door is easily removed for quick cleaning. The Thermoport is also suitable for the dishwasher up to +90ºC. You must remove the heating element first before setting the thermport into the dishwasher. With insert card and card holder, so you can supply the boxes with a text. The Rieber Thermoport 6000KB-A Analog is available in orange and black.

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