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Vrijetijd shoppingbox 20 liter
  • Vrijetijd shoppingbox 20 liter

Shopping box 33 litres, Thermo Future Box

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€42.08 Price tax included

This shopping box has a practical plastic carrying strap, making it perfect for shopping, camping or leisure. Suitable for storing salad bowls, hot food or cold drinks.

  • Outer Dimensions: 430 x 340 x 395 mm
  • Inner Dimensions: 365 x 275 x 330 mm
  • Volume: 33 litre.


The box has a water-tight surface and can easily transport ice cubes, crushed ice or cool packs without leaking. Basic size is 1/4 GN. The EPP material of which this box is made of makes it lightweight, very durable and with the best insulation attitudes, from -40º to +120ºC.

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