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Are you looking for a sustainable thermobox? You are at the right place at www.thermocateringbox.com! We have the largest assortment of thermo boxes in our webshop and in stock in our showroom in Ridderkerk. Our range of thermo boxes is very diverse. The thermo boxes are available in many different sizes, from gastronorm to bakery standards and from 1 person to bulk. This way your culinary creations, hot meals, chilled meals, snacks, pizzas, ice cream, frozen products as well as cakes. With our thermoboxes these products can be safely transported to the delivery destination so they can be delivered at the right temperature.

The strengths of thermocateringbox.com
. Knowledge and quality through years of intensive collaboration with various manufacturers and suppliers
. Personal service by our professional staff who are happy to help you
. Fast delivery by having items in stock and close cooperation with our partners.

Thermocateringbox.com has been working for years with reliable high-quality brands, such as Eurobox, Rieber, Thermofuturebox, Thermohauser and Skufa. We are also selected as a premium supplier and importer for distribution of the EPP thermoboxes for the Netherlands and Belgium by the following manufacturers:

- ThermoFutureBox
- Skufa
- Kangabox
- DinnerMax
- Thermohauser
- ThermoCaterigBox specials

EPP - Expanded PolyPropylene

EPP is a polypropylene foam. Its expanded beads are predominantly closed-cell structure. It is supplied to moulders in form of lose beads for processing into a wide variety of foam parts on automated processing equipment. The main selection criteria for EPP are energy absorption, low weight and high thermal stability. These properties make it a versatile engineering material suitable for automotive construction, transportation containers, packaging and technical components.

  • durability
    high energy absorption with low weight
    high resilience following static and dynamic loading
    negligible water absorption
  • high thermal stability
    from -40 up to max. +120 °C
    functions reliable over a wide range of temperature
    good heat insulating properties
  • isotropic deformation performance 
    isotropic deformation performance independent of the direction of impact
    essentially unchanged energy absorption after repeated impact load
    moulding density adjustable to meet specific requirements
  • lightweight
    low weight of EPP material 
  • hygiene
    recommended according to EU 1935/2004
    good resistance to chemicals and oils
    odourless and detergent resistant
    easy to clean and sterilize
  • environment
    environmentally friendly
    100% recyclable, can be recycled by a variety of methods
    free from propellant gases and other chemical blowing agents
  • free of CFC 

Do you have any questions about: thermoboxes, frontloaders, ice boxes, pizza boxes, pastry boxes, bakery boxes, pizza bags, dollies, or 1 of our other products? Feel free to contact us at: +31 (0)180-465387 or send us an email: info@thermocateringbox.com.