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SDX Thermobox SSS540 neutraal
  • SDX Thermobox SSS540 neutraal

SDX Thermobox SSS540 neutral


Extra strong and lightweight food transporter. Exterior wall made of ABS plastic, interior wall is stainless steel. The food transporter has insulated walls by means of polyurethane. With 1 handy handle/lock. Bumpers around.

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Capacity GN 1/1 containers: 36x GN 1/1 65 mm or 15x GN 1/1 150 mm.
Castors 160 mm, 200 mm optional
Rails Stainless Steel, 3x 12 pair, 80 mm spacing, pressed
Miscellaneous Eventual addition of a cooling plate for passively cooled transport.

This is the simplest product we have. A box with real good insulation, which you can cool off by placing it in a cold room or by using a SDX® cooling plate.

With fully welded stainless steel inner workings. Unsurpassed wear resistance and easy cleaning with soft rails which are pressed directly into the steel.

The S-Boxes are marvellous for serving cold food as well as for storing food that has to be warmed up in a later stadium of the process.

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