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Breathing Masks N95/FFP2 (50 stuks)
  • Breathing Masks N95/FFP2 (50 stuks)

Respiratory masks N95/FFP2 (50 pcs)

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€239.95 Price tax included

Respiratory masks that close tightly around the nose and mouth for better protection against germs.

  • Size: Universal
  • Colour: Wit
  • Packing unit: 50 pcs.


These mouth masks of FFP2 level (N95/KN95 equivalent) are recommended by the World Health Organization. They close tightly around the nose and mouth of the carrier. They offer more protection against small particles which are spread by sneezing our coughing.

What's the difference between a surgical mouth mask and a respiratory mask (N95/FFP2)?

A surgical mask is disposable and feels less tight on the face when properly used. They can block large moist or spray particles relatively well this way. The mask do offer less protection than tight fitting masks as they don't filter the smaller particles from the air spread by coughing or sneezing.

Respiratory masks offer better protection against these smaller particles, as they are set tighter on the face and block germs this way.

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