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Centrefeed Towel roll blue, 6 rolls

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€11.95 Price tax included

2-layer paper towel rolls for daily use both at home as well as in the catering.


  • Measurements: ø 18 cm x 18 cm (height)
  • Ca. 400 sheets per roll
  • Package unit: 6 rolls
  • Easy removable carton tube
  • Material: Paper
  • Ideal for catering and technical industry 
  • Length of roll: 120m
  • Weight: 4,99 kg


These paper towel rolls are two-layered. This makes them extra strong and absorbing, which makes wiping and rinsing of various surfaces with these blue towel roll as easy as possible. As they are made of recycled paper, they have a smalle influence on the resources of the planet. This way you're doing just that little bit extra for the environment.

Removing the core of this blue towel roll proceeds as follows: You lay it down on a flat surface and turn it so you can see the line in the inner roll. Place your thumbs at opposing ends and press the inner roll firmly outward. This should fold out neatly on the line. When that has succeeded, you can easily remove the inner roll and place the towel roll inside a dispenser.

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