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Spray Soap 80 cl (6 pcs)
  • Spray Soap 80 cl (6 pcs)

Spray Soap 80 cl (6 pcs)

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This hydrating and mild lotion spray soap is ideal for frequent use.


  • Volume: 800 ml
  • Package Unit: 6
  • Weight: 5,4kg
  • For soft and hydrated hands
  • Bag is sealed to prevent leaking
  • Up to 4000 washes per refill 
  • Ideal for food preparation areas
  • Quick foaming formula


The soap is dosed by means of a diffuser, foams and turns into a gel. The soap also contains hydrating components which care for a soft, healthy and hygienic clean skin. This makes it perfect for busy food preperation and sanitary rooms.

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