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Maaltijdbox Dinner Champion Round leeg
  • Maaltijdbox Dinner Champion Round leeg

Meal box Dinner Champion Round complete

€139.50 tax excl.
€139.50 Price tax included

Dinner Champion Round meal box is a practical solution for a complete meal. With room for: 1 menu tray round (main course), 3 small dishes and cutlery. Comes complete with:

  • 1 x round 3-compartment plate 810ml ø 255x43 mm incl red silicone lid
  • 3 x Bowl 300cc porcelain ø 115x60 mm incl 2x blue & 1x red silicone lid


Made of durable polypropylene, not to be confused with the so-called Styrofoam boxes made of polystyrene. In contrast to the 'Styrofoam boxes', our EPP meal boxes have a very high insulation value and last for several years. In addition, they are lightweight and have a closed cell structure that prevents them from absorbing moisture. These EPP meal boxes do not take the color or taste of the components. The meals remain at a correct HACCP temperature of approximately 1.5 hours with a correct portioning. The choice of an EPP meal box is a sensible, responsible choice, for a low investment linked to an optimal presentation! With us you will find the largest assortment

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