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Standard Food Backpack With Logo
  • Standard Food Backpack With Logo

Robust Delivery Backpack with Logo

€199.00 tax excl.
€199.00 Price tax included

This very robust delivery backpack is very suitable for you when delivering meals by bicycle or by moped/scooter.

Fitted with your company's logo/emblem! The logo needs to be sent as a 'vector file' (files that have an .eps or .ai extension).
Contact us to discuss possibilities. Even if you wish to order multiple bags with logo, contact us for a tailored offer!




  • With adjustable shelf (Velcro straps) 
  • SBS smooth moving zipper
  • Side pockets and backside of reflecting material 
  • Inner measurements: 35x37x41 cm
  • Weight: 3,5 kg

This backpack is fitted with high-quality foam insulation, while the exterior is made of a black-colored, waterproof material. The interior is fitted with an aluminum convex surface that limits the heat discharge to a minimum. A shelf ensures for a separated climate zone so hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold.

The carrier/driver is quite visible in the dark thanks to the reflecting surfaces on the side pockets and the backside. These properties make the bag very popular by the known delivery services worldwide.


Your company logo needs to be a vector file. This is a file that has the .eps, .ai or .pdf extensions.
The logo is cut contour. This means the lines of the logo may not be too thin. Ask us for the delivery requirements and send your logo for check-up to us.

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