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MENUT Duo box incl. set PC 2-comp.
  • MENUT Duo box incl. set PC 2-comp.

MENUT Duo box incl. set PC 2-comp.

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Menut Duo box consisting out of a box, a polycarbonate 2-compartment dish with plastic lid and 3 soup/dessert dishes of stainless steel with lids (waterproof or transparent)

- 1 x Double-walled, rectangular 2-compartment dish PC + transparent lid PC
- 1 x Soup dish of PC + waterproof lid, mustard color
- 2 x Dessert/salad dishes PC with waterproof lid PC




Made of durable, double-walled plastic. Very high insulationvalue and can last for more than 10 years. Lightweight and a sealed cellstructure which prevents moist absorption. These boxes don't take over taste or coloring from meal components and are suitable for the dishwasher. The meals remain at a responsible HACCP-temperature of 65 degrees Celsius guaranteed for 1.5 to 2 hours with a correct portioning.

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