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Rieber Thermoport 10KW empty
  • Rieber Thermoport 10KW empty
  • Rieber Thermoport 10KW empty
  • Rieber Thermoport 10KW empty

Rieber Thermoport 10KW empty

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A Rieber Thermoport 10KW, without contents (empty). It is suitable for transporting meals with cold dishes. Dish with latent heat storage. The tray and the intermediate part of polypropylene, in the color orange. The lid is also made of polypropylene, but in the color black.



  • Protrusions on the bottom and top ensure that the Thermoports can be easily stacked, on the bottom they are designed as guide rails. 
  • Two stable locking brackets and 1 folding handle made of impact-resistant plastic ensure easy handling. 
  • The double-walled sandwich construction and the seamlessly sprayed CFC-free foam achieve exemplary insulation values ​​(cover not insulated). 
  • Optimum compliance with hygiene regulations is possible thanks to the seamlessly welded inner and outer containers and the pore-free, smooth plastic surfaces. 
  • The Thermoports are fully suitable for the dishwasher up to 90°C. 
  • With the help of the latent heat accumulator in the food bowl, freshly prepared hot meals are optimally transported and can be kept warm for more than 2 hours. 
  • The use of the Rieber food bowl stacker is recommended for heating the food bowls. Of course, the food bowls can also be used for freshly prepared cold meals, such as dinner. In that case they must be refrigerated before filling. 

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