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SDX Thermobox K150 koelcompressor
  • SDX Thermobox K150 koelcompressor

SDX Thermobox K150 ECO cooling compressor


Very efficient compressor cooling for the highest norms of the cooling. The outer wall is made of ABS plastic, the inner wall is of stainless steel. The food transporter has insulated walls by means of polyurethane. Digital temperature display above the door.

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Capacity GN 1/1 containers, 10x GN 1/1 65 mm or 5x GN 1/1 150 mm
Castors 160 mm, 200 mm optional
Input value 230V
Power 245W
Rails Stainless steel, 10 pairs, 80 mm separation
Refrigerant R290a

Within 15 minutes on the correct temperature with constant guarantee and produces little sound. Constant cooling, the temperature is scaled up to the set value in no-time with opening and closing of the door. The temperature is furthermore adjustable between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius and can be read from the display. The meal needs to be placed in the trolley at 2 degrees Celsius.

A cold buffer surrounds every level of the food due to the flow of cold air, which minimizes the risk of unwanted temperature rising. The efficient airflow provides an equal temperature in the compartment. With the same volume of the transport, the meal is cooled from 25°C to 2°C in a fraction of the time. This makes the trolley suitable for quick cooling.

About R290A
The new generation cooled SDX food transport trolleys are fitted with the R290a refrigerant. This is an environmental-friendly refrigerant which is already used aplenty in e.g. airconditioners and refridgerators. Also known as propane, it is a completely natural refrigerant that doesn't affect the ozon layer. This is quite the improvement for all cooled transport trolleys of SDX!

About the Decibel produced by food transporters
The compressor cooled food transporter produces only 43 dB, the Peltier active cooled no less than 61 dB. We'll explain below how this difference can be approached:

- 1dB: minimal notable difference
- 5dB: notable difference in sound
- 10dB: a doubling of the registered sound level
- 73dB: a passing truck.

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