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SDX Thermobox FFF540 Convectie / hetelucht
  • SDX Thermobox FFF540 Convectie / hetelucht

SDX Thermobox FFF540 Convection Heating


SDX is characterized by the high quality up to the tiniest detail, continuous production development and personal service.

Pretty much all models are made with an entire stainless steel inner cabinet and pressed rails. A unique technique with unsurpassed wear resistance, which is easy to clean and increases security.

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Capacity GN 1/1 Bakken, 36x GN 1/1 65 mm of 18x GN 1/1 150 mm
Castors 160 mm (200 mm optional)
Input Value 3x 230V
Power 3x 1000W
Rails Stainless steel, 3x 12 pairs, 80 mm separated, pressed

Extra strong and lightweight food transporter. Exterior wall made of ABS plastic, inner wall is aluminum. The food transporter has insulated walls through polyurethane. Digital temperature display above the door. With one handy handle cq lock. Bumpers around the trolley.

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