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Hygiplas mini waterdichte thermometer
  • Hygiplas mini waterdichte thermometer

Hygiplas mini waterproof thermometer

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Measure the operational temperature of your devices with this mini cooling and freezing thermometer of Hygiplas.



The Thermometer is fitted with an internal temperature sensor which it measures the temperature accurately, which gives you the guarantee that the cooled and frozen products are safe for consumption. It is waterproof, thus it can be used in coolers and freezers without going defective. It can be hanged anywhere thanks to the hook on top.

Additional information

  • Brand: Hygiplas
  • Measurments: 5,7(h) x 7(b) x 2(d)cm
  • Temperature range: -25°C tot +50°C
  • On/Off button on the backside 
  • Internal sensor
  • Handy hoog so it can be hanged everywhere. 

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