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Koelopzet 1/1 GN
  • Koelopzet 1/1 GN
  • Koelopzet 1/1 GN
  • Koelopzet 1/1 GN
  • Thermo Future Box

Cooling Top for Thermobox 1/1 GN, Thermo Future Box

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€26.99 Price tax included

A cooling top in which you can insert a cooling element, suitable for the 1/1 GN Thermoboxes except for the 1/1 GN DeLuxe. The cooling elements are not included. 



You can give the food in a 1/1 GN Thermobox an extra cold impulse using a cooling element placed within this extension. This will keep the food cool and fresh for longer. The cooling element is placed inside this extension, which you then place on top of the open box. After that, you can place the lid on top of the extension. There are three different cooling elements available for it: one for fresh, one for cooled and one for frozen food. This way you can decide for yourself which element you want to use in this extension for the thermobox.

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